The Spinnaker has always been committed to supporting the local community, contributing to local non-profits, hosting local events and working with other locally-owned businesses, local fisherman and other local vendors. Jeff Scharosch, partner and manager at the Spinnaker for 27 years, has four times served as Chamber of Commerce President, has held numerous city appointments including on the Sausalito Hospitality Committee and the Sausalito Business Advisory Board and has been honored as a “Spirit of Marin” award winner for his tireless and active community involvement. He serves on numerous boards including the Sausalito-On-The-Waterfront Foundation and has donated countless hours of his time and Spinnaker resources to worthy causes in the Sausalito community.

The Spinnaker Restaurant is a proud active member of the following Associations and Chambers of Commerce

Restaurant and Other Associations:

National Restaurant Association
(202) 331-5900

California Restaurant Association
(800) 765-4842

Golden Gate Restaurant Association
(415) 781-5348

San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau

Chamber of Commerce Associations:

California Chamber of Commerce
(916) 444-6670

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
(415) 352-8819

Sausalito Chamber of Commerce
(415) 331-7262

The Spinnaker

100 Spinnaker Drive,

Sausalito, CA 94965

Phone. 415-332-1500